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Who We Are

Footprint is a not-for-profit agency working to highlight the sustainable choices of our clients, and encourage others to follow suit, all by providing online PR that is data-driven and results-focused. 

Our goal is to promote carbon-neutrality and environmental awareness through targeted and cost-effective online PR, while planting as many trees as possible along the way.

What We Do

Our speciality is quality link building that provides authentic, qualitative and trackable results. We pride ourselves on meticulous research, concrete audience analysis, and understanding the landscape of link profiles. We don’t estimate our numbers; we know them.

What We Do

We’re Commited to a Better Future

Afforestation is incredibly important in reversing the damage humans have caused to our planet. Replanting trees is necessary if we want to preserve these complex ecosystems and the environmental benefits their existence brings.

That’s why 100% of profits we make as a company go straight into afforestation projects across the globe, helping to make our world a greener, more habitable place.


Check out our Sons Case Study to learn more about our unique approach to online PR.

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