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FootPRint is a not-for-profit agency providing data-driven and results-focused online PR. 

Our goal is to highlight the sustainable choices of our clients, encouraging others to follow suit in off-setting their carbon footprint. 

We pride ourselves on creating cost-effective PR that is both targeted and valuable, all while giving back to the planet by using 100% of our profits to fund afforestation projects internationally.

Unlike traditional PR agencies, FootPRint is completely transparent about payments to journalists and the article seeding sites we utilise, as well as sharing the costs of all activity with you.

We don’t build relationships through our agency, we build them through your brand. All communication goes solely through your channels, allowing us to deepen authentic site relationships for both your short and long-term gain.

We don’t touch estimated metrics from journalist databases; we meticulously track our own activity. Third-party tools are crucial for our ability to effectively and accurately evaluate traffic on sites, taking into consideration Trust Flow, Citation Flow and SEO optimisation.

With our unique processes and data-led approach, we target the link profiles of your competitors to build the largest custom online PR database within your brand’s space.


17% of the Amazon Rainforest has been destroyed for the sake of cattle ranching in the last 50 years.

In the last hundred years, we have cut down 20%  of the world’s forests overall.

Approximately half of forests globally have been damaged by human activity, specifically in relation to their biodiversity and overall plant health.

Replanting forests that have been compromised by the effects of climate change is hugely important when it comes to preserving the environment for future generations. We need to replant what we’ve lost and maintain what we have left if we’re going to have a world fit for living in 50 years’ time.

By raising awareness around the sustainable choices of our clients through PR activity, we want to encourage other brands to follow suit and make choices that are positive for our planet.

At Footprint, we’re also committed to reversing the negative impacts of human activity in our own work, and that’s why we put 100% of our profits into afforestation projects globally.

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