With so many elements to digital marketing, it can be confusing to find the best way to achieve your desired results. As Article Seeding and Online PR are great ways to improve brand visibility, we’ve broken down both activities and how they differ to help you out.

Whether you’re selling a product, sharing content, or teaching users about a subject, there’s no denying that all websites need an audience. Digital marketing is the practice of creating and maintaining this audience and relies both on directly reaching users and boosting your site’s PageRank to indirectly reach potential users as you appear higher on search engine results. Essentially, good digital marketing will be aimed at improving Google’s opinion of your brand, as much as it is on improving customer opinion.

Online PR

Far more than just digital press releases, Online Public Relations is focused on communicating with customers and potential customers about a brand to improve its visibility and reputation. 

Online PR differs from traditional PR in that it focuses on direct communication with the audience through internet channels and social media, rather than just traditional platforms such as TV, radio and newspapers. Although traditional platforms are included within the potential targets of Online PR, the diversification of potential channels for reaching customers means Online PR can have a far wider reach than traditional PR.

Although it encompasses social media platforms, this is not the only focus of Online PR as there is such a wide range of channels to reach customers through. Target areas of Online PR include social media platforms, blogs, awards and events, relevant websites and companies, columns and news outlets, and search engine optimisation. Examples of activity within these areas include content creation and marketing, building relations, analytics, and link building.

Article Seeding

Focused specifically on link building, Article Seeding is the practice of planting blogs on external websites which contain links back to your own site.

As a marketing approach, Article Seeding is focused on creating a network of links that feed organic traffic to and through your website. This increases both brand visibility, and the credibility of your backlink profile, all while driving traffic to your site. In order to receive a good click rate and improve your Trust Flow, articles need to be seeded on a trustworthy website that has topical relevance to your brand. Seeding articles on poor quality or irrelevant sites can negatively impact your Google PageRanks, even if they do drive traffic.

Creating articles for seeding which are creative and relevant to your customers is important, and using key brand terms or current topics within your articles can help increase their visibility. The aim of article seeding is to place articles in the path of people who will be interested in them and thus more likely to visit your site, but this can’t happen if you are seeding poor-quality articles.

So – what’s the difference?

Online PR refers to a whole host of digital marketing activities, whereas Article Seeding is a specific area of Online PR which focuses on building a credible backlink profile to increase PageRank and drive traffic. You can learn more about how backlinking can specifically affect your PageRank here.

Despite it fitting within their activities, not all Online PR firms will deal with Article Seeding as it is just one technique for building brand awareness. For example, campaigns focusing on social media will increase brand visibility and reach customers, but will not necessarily improve a website’s PageRanks even though they create traffic. 

Choosing a digital marketing strategy that is suited to the specific goals you have in mind for your brand is important, as different types of digital marketing activity will benefit your site in different ways.

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