Sons is a leading men’s healthcare brand whose mission is to bring clinically-proven solutions to problems within men’s health and wellbeing which have often been overlooked. Specialising in hair loss treatments, and also covering supplements from nootropics for brain function, to immune boosters and live bacterial supplements for gut health, their product range is designed by doctors to be effective and give proven results across clinical trials.

Sons are also entirely carbon-neutral as a brand. They support ongoing afforestation and ocean clean-up projects, to offset the carbon emissions of everything they do.

Our Aim

To increase the visibility and search engine rankings for Sons through link-building and online PR over the course of a year to mirror organic content generation.

Our Actions

Initially, the FootPRint team built a custom database for Sons, containing online PR and article seeding sites collated from auditing the link profiles of their competitors.

We looked into multiple competitors and pulled tens of thousands of links, in order to build an extensive database of thousands of quality websites that were relevant to Sons and possessed good domain authority.

Following this, the team then launched an Outreach campaign based on the custom database we had successfully built. 

This campaign focused primarily on promoting Sons’ efforts in sustainability as a carbon neutral company and highlighting the science that underpins their cutting-edge men’s healthcare products.

Over the space of a year, we pushed a total of 48 articles live across different sites on behalf of Sons.

The Result

Sons now has a diverse backlink profile of quality and effective links and has seen improvements in organic traffic, search engine rankings, and domain authority.

The online PR we conducted for them works successfully to drive traffic to their site, as well as increasing their brand visibility and raising awareness surrounding their status as an entirely carbon-neutral company.





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