There’s no doubt that link building is crucial for a brand’s digital presence. From driving traffic and increasing brand awareness to improving your backlink profile and raising your site’s Citation Flow, where and how your brand sits on the Internet has never been more vital.

At Footprint, we take a data-led approach to link building that we know works. Our processes have been developed over years in the online PR space and we pride ourselves on our unique use of shrewd SEO tactics and real-time tracking.

How it works

Our services are available at several scales, depending on the volume of online PR and link-building you’re after. 

As a not-for-profit, we also charge far less than traditional PR companies and are completely transparent with our clients about all costs associated with the activity.

We always love to hear from any brands looking to reduce their environmental impact and work towards making sustainability part of their identity. 

If this sounds like something your brand is interested in, drop us an email at

Service 1

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Service 2

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Service 3

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Building your custom database

For each one of our clients, we build a totally unique database specifically tailored to your brand and identity.

We do this by auditing the backlink profiles of competitors and brands that share your target demographics. To match and surpass the link profiles of your competitors, we then build an extensive PR database to include the sites found in this way. This means we know that the online PR we conduct for you is directly competing with other brands within your space.

Working from the custom database we’ve built, we also select the best journalism and article seeding sites to create strong, authentic backlinks. We analyse the domain authority of all publications and sites to ensure the highest standards.


Once the custom PR database has been built, we contact journalists and PR sites on your behalf to offer the story in question. 

For article seeding, we offer sites a unique story written by our content team, either highlighting unique elements of your brand’s activity or focusing on your efforts in sustainability.

Local directories are also used within the link-building process, in order to increase the diversity of your link profile.

All communication we conduct with journalists and external sites happens through an email account for your brand. The benefit? You own every relationship we build for you for use in the long term.


To decide the degree to which external sites have added value to your link profile, we use proven third-party tools to evaluate the estimated traffic and domain authority. We don’t use metrics provided by journalism databases or other opaque sources. Analysing sites ourselves gives us the ability to ensure we never provide you with inflated or inaccurate numbers.

Evaluating, tracking and reporting on all of our links is a vital part of the FootPRint process. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep you well-informed on all the benefits of our activity for your brand.

Our unique approach evaluation is tailored to the fluctuations of the internet, rather than applying the standard practices of traditional PR to online spaces.




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