We’re a close-knit and dedicated team passionate about actioning environmental change. 

We have a diverse skill-set and our knowledge of digital marketing and search engine optimisation sets us apart from other online PR firms. Our mission is to provide online PR that is backed by real statistics and gives real results, rather than relying on inflated metrics and theoretical numbers.


Patrick Macnamara

Managing Director

I believe that brands need to do more to make people aware of their environmental efforts. The more people who are aware of the efforts certain brands are making to offset their carbon footprint, the more pressure brands who aren’t doing anything will feel.


Sarah Mancini

Head of Outreach

I strongly believe in the importance of changing the way we impact the environment for the sake of future generations and am proud to be a part of making that change through Footprint. Even the smallest contribution can make a world of difference!

Willow Tree

Jake Evans

Content Executive

When it comes to the climate crisis, tomorrow isn’t good enough – the time for action is now. Combining ambitious environmental targets and a deep understanding of backlinking, I believe FootPRint is the shakeup that the industry has been waiting for. 


Tara Prasad

Account Executive

Reversing the effects of climate change needs to be actioned on all levels, by corporations as much as individuals. By highlighting the importance of sustainability and encouraging wider conversations, I believe the work we do with Footprint can help change our world for the better.




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